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23. July 2017
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The Art of Seeing – Fr. Maximos Constas

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The Art of Seeing – Fr. Maximos Constas, 259 страница. Издаје Сербиан Пресс 2014. година

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by Bishop Maxim (Vasiljević)

           Dear reader, as you run like the rest of us along the digital pathways of computer screens and a confusing network of images, stop, step aside, and stay a while. Fr. Maximos has an irresistibly fascinating story to tell. If you let yourself into his relentlessly personal approach to Christ with humble obedience, then the mystery of Christ’s two natures united in one hypostasis will be revealed. Walk with Fr Maximos down the concealed footpath that leads to mystical places, beyond the sanctuary veil and the well of the Annunciation, over the stumbling blocks to the cornerstone, and then ascend Sinai’s stairways to the doоr-step of the Pantocrator