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22. December 2014
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22. December 2014
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The Thunderbolt of Ever-Living fire – Archimandrite Vasileios of Iveron

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The Thunderbolt of Ever-Living fire – Archimandrite Vasileios of Iveron, 143 страница. Издаје: Sebastian Press Western American Diocese of Serbian Orthodox Church in collaboration with Indiktos Publishing Company, Athens

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Опис производа

Forewoed by Bishop Maxim (Vasiljević)

           The book you are about to read is yet another attempt by Sebastian Press at participating in the „yeasting“ of Orthodoxy currently taking place in the Americas, in order to provide an impetus for a contemporary and creative ecclesial self-awareness.

             The name of Elder Vasileios (Gontikakis) of Iveron is closely related to the restimony of the „Philokalian“ revival of Orthodox spirituality in the twentieth century, patriculary through the monastic renewal on Mount Athos.In the late 1960s, monastic life on the Holy Mountain was perilously edging toward extinction