Theological Disambiguations – Vladan Perisic
22. December 2014
To Christ and the Church – Nenad Milosevic
22. December 2014
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God views us Through Love – Bishop Ignjatije Midic

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God views us Through Love – Bishop Ignjatije Midic, 111 страница. Издаје: Sebastian Press Western American Diocese of Serbian Orthodox Church in collaboration with The Institute for Theological Research of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology of the University of Belgrade, 2014. година

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Men within History and within the Church

           Man, in his journey through history to the present, has played a principal part in various ebents, in events which lead to progress and the development of man and to others which lead to catastrophe. What, then, pushes him to act in this way, creating history in the environment in which he lives, in the world which is determined by the natural mode of existence?

            A general answer to the question why man creates history is that he has a desire, a longing for life. Such an answer is, first of all, correct, but it hardly rouches the essence of the question