Synodality A Forgotten and Misapprehended Vision – Edited by Maxim Vasiljević and Andrej Jeftić
24. March 2018
О тајни оваплоћења Господњег – Свети Амвросије Милански
24. March 2018
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Seeing the invisible – Edited by Neda Cvijetić and Maxim Vasiljević

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Seeing the invisible – Edited by Neda Cvijetić and Maxim Vasiljević. Proceedings of the Symposium on Aesthetics of the Christian Image, 76 страница. На енглеском језику. Издаје: Севастијан прес, 2016. година

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           Four well-known professors – Archimandrite John Pantelimon Manoussakis, associate Professor of Philosophy at the College of the Holy Cross in Boston, MA, Cornelia Tsakiridou, Professor of Philosophy at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA, George Kordis, professor Emeritus of Iconography at University of Athens, and bishop Maxim Vasiljević, professor of Patristics at the University of Belgrade – give us various insights into Christian Orthodox Icons, their beauty, meaning, and their future in 21st century. They reflections on the topic from the perspective of Orthodox Christian images or icons were originally presented at the Symposium on the Aesthetics of Christian Image, held at Stanford University on March 5, 2016. For these authors working within Tradition is not merely the repetition of old models, but rather the application of immutable priniples in solving contemporary pictorial problems. They also present a theological aesthetic in which God is to be reached throught the sense, including the relationship between person and icon