Псалтир са девет библијских песама – Епископ Атанасије (А6 формат)
7. March 2017
О Светом Сави – рецитације
7. March 2017
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Illness and Healing in Orthodox Theology – John Zizioulas

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Illness and Healing in Orthodox Theology – John Zizioulas, 57 страница. Издаје: Сербиан пресс, 2016. година

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            It is my great pleasure to participate in this conference, designed to facilitate an exchange of views, experiences, and ideas between the fields of theology, psychology, and psychiatry. The ultimate purpose of this exchange is to serve mankind within the Church as well as in the context of the medical sciences. In this Holy Metropolis, due to the enlightened leadership of its chief pastor, the Church has clergymen who, in addition to their theological training and ecclesiastical ethos, not only are knowledgeable about other areas of research but also utilize this knowledge in the Church’s pastoral ministry