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22. December 2014
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Man and the God-Man – Archimandrite Justin Popovich

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Man and the God-Man – Archimandrite Justin Popovich, 125 страница. Издаје: Sebastian Press Western American Diocese of Serbian Orthodox Church, 2008. година

  • Димензије: 15x1x23 центиметара
  • Шифра производа: 018001

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           Fr. Justin Popovich was a deep, multifaceted, Christ-like perskon – a man of Pauline, biblical, and patristic stature and breadth. He would say of both the Apostole Paul and Dostoevsky that they reached from the bottom of hell to the peak of the third heaven, perhaps because he himself possessed such breadth and dimension. In him was manifested a well-rounded – or, better to say, fully rounded – man, a tinker and philosopher, a wise man and theologian, a struggler and ascetic seer of inexhaustible energy, an evangelical penitent and apocalyptic Christologina (as he was recently called by the monks of Hilandar), a spiritually inspired writer and priestly liturgizer of the Most-High God