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24. March 2018
Животопис Владике Мардарија – Драгослав Драгутиновић
24. March 2018
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Life According to the Gospel – Patriarch Pavle of Serbia

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Life According to the Gospel – Patriarch Pavle of Serbia, 317 страница. На енглеском језику. Издаје: Севастијан прес, 2017. година

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Опис производа

           The spiritual leader of the Sebian Orthodox people, Pavle (Serbian Cyrillic: Павле, English: Paul; 11 September 1914- 15 November 2009) was the 44th Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church from 1990 to his death. His full title was His Holiness the Archbishop of Peć, Metropolitan of Belgrade and Karlovci, and Serbian Patriarch Pavle. Because of poor health, he spent his last years in the Military Academy in Belgrade. His life thus encompassed the ending of the First World War, the disappearance of the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires, the establishment of a new Yugoslav state, the Second World War, and the end of the Cold War, and the breakup of Yugoslavia