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3. March 2018
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17. March 2018
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Notes on ecumenism – St. Abba Justin

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Notes on ecumenism – St. Abba Justin, 54странице. Издаје: Serbian Press 2013. година

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         “Ecumenism is a movement that generates a multitude of questions. All there questions, in fact, spring from and flow into a single desire for only one thing> the True Church of Christ. The True Church of Christ supplies, as it should, the answers to all the primary and secondary questions posed by ecumenism. For if the Church of Christ does not solve the eternal questions of the human spirit, it serves no purpose… Ofall beings, man is the most complex and most enigmatic. This why God came down to earth and became man… For this reason He remained in His fullness on earth in His Church, of which He is the Head and which is His Body. The True Church of Christ, the Orthodox Church> in it is the whole God-Man with all His Good News and all His perfection.”

St. Abba Justin