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24. October 2020
24. October 2020
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Gračanica monastery

1.200,00 RSD

Gračanica monastery, 141 страница. Издаје: Манастир Грачаница 2017. година

  • Димензије: 20х1х20 центиметара
  • Шифра производа: 157002
Шифра производа: knjiga-3148. Категорија: .

Опис производа

          Only nine kilometers from Priština, Gračanica Monastery is the last in a magnificent series of churches and monasteries founded by King Milutin, known as the “insatiable builder of divine temples”, which he erected both in and outside of his homeland.

           Archbishop Danilo, the king’s close friend, associate and biographer, left us with a valuable list of the endowments and churches that the king either built or generously showered with gifts