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22. December 2014
Christ The Alpha and Omega – Bishop Athanasius Yevrich
22. December 2014
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The Presence of Transcendence – Bogoljub Siljakovic

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The Presence of Transcendence – Bogoljub Siljakovic, 347 страница. Издаје Sebastian Press Western American Diocese of Serbian Orthodox Church in collaboration with The Institute for Theological Research of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology of the University of Belgrade, 2013. година

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           A pilgrim heading south-east from Central Europe will eventually come to Serbia. Most likely, the pilgrim will just pass through its hills and valleys without making many stops and head toward Thessaloniki. Once there, in the heart of the ancient land called Macedonia -the land of sunshine – the traveler will have to make a decision. Should he continue further south, toward Athens, and perhaps later Jerusalem, the two capitals we consider the cradles of European civilization? Or, weary of the crowd of tourists, the alltoo commercialized spectacles, and the ever-increasing pollution, should he not rather gead toward the east? Instead of the ruins of Athens, he can nisit Stagira, a small town in the Chalkidiki peninsula, still preserving some of the charms it possessed at the time when Aristotle was born there