Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and unto the ages – Bishop Athanasius Yevtich
22. December 2014
The Hagia Sophia – Charalambos P. Stathakis
22. December 2014
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The One and the Many – John D. Zizioulas

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The One and the Many – John D. Zizioulas, 443 страница. Издаје: Sebastian Press Western American Diocese of Serbian Orthodox Church in collaboration with The Institute for Theological Research in Belgrade, 2010. година

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by Right Rev. Bishop Atanasius Yevtich

           The present work of Metropolitan John of Pergamon offers a collection of his articles, which have appeared in English and Greek in various theological journals. They present the Orthodox understanding of the Trinitarina doctrine of God, as well as his theological argument for the Church as the place in which freedom and communion are actulized, as a result of Christ’s Incarnation and Resurrection. Warmest thanks and congratulations should be expressed to the editors, the Right Reverend Bishop Maxim and the Reverend Gregory Edwars, for their significant help in collecting and editing these texts, which have undergone specila revision for the Paul McPartlan for his excelent introduction to this book