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5. August 2018
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The Inner Man – Archpriest Alexis Pena-Alfaro

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The Inner Man – Archpriest Alexis Pena-Alfaro, 141 страница.  Издаје: Себастијан прес, 2018. година

  • Димензије: 15х1х23 центиметара
  • Шифра производа: 018063
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Опис производа

           Originally published in Brazil and now offered to an English speaking audinece, The Inner Man deals with the doctrine of the inner man (of which St Paul speaks in 2 Cor 4:16, Rom 7:22, and Eph. 3:16) in accordance with the Holy Scriptures and with the clear and unambiguous interpretation developed by the Holy Fathers. Further, he deepens the the biblical, anthropological perspective and proceeds toward a clearer understanding of the concept of the soul which appears in generic terms with reference to the inner man. It is with a “faithful creativity” that Fr Alexis tackles issues that address us today. In this attempt, he resorts to the biblical text and inspired commentaries of the Church Fathers on the nature and structure of the inner man